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Q.How long visible results will show?
Generally, you can expect to see results after taking SOS Konjac for 15days. More significant results will be observed after taking for 1 to 2 month. if take set with aloe plus cleanse You will see that your bowel will be more frequent, sign of proper detoxing of unwanted substances and toxins from your body.

Q.Does Sos Konjac have any side effects?
Sos Konjac ingredients are herbal extractions and only uses natural ingredients. It does not contain any toxic ingredients which is harmful to human body.

Q.How do I know Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Clanse is right for me?
You will experience frequent bowel movement which enables the fats to reduce.
you will feel that your body is lighter or body figure size will reduce in 15days

Will body weight rebound after stop taking Sos Konjac & loe Plus Cleanse?
No. Weight-loss treatment is divided into 2 phases which are weight loss phase and consolidate phase. When your body reaches an ideal weight, we would like to recommend continue taking Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse by alternate day until your body to adapt the changes to prevent rebound.

How long would Sos Konjac take effect?
The 1st week is the adaption period after taking Sos Konjac daily. In general, 7-10 days after taking Sos Konjac, you will have a demonstrable result especially the waist, stomach and lower abdomen. However, it is very dependable and different by each person. Some are putting down body weight before they can have a lean waist or lower abdomen. Just keep taking Sos Konjac will see the good results!

After taking Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse will have diarrhea?
During the process, Aloe Plus Cleanse will mobilize body fat and regulate the basal metabolism rate in the human body. By taking Aloe Plus Cleanse, you will have daily defecation. Hence, it does not cause diarrhea and reducing water in human body. For people who having weak stomach may increase the frequency of defecation or constipation but it will be resume to normal after 2-3 days.

Any attention required when taking Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse?
It is recommended to take some fruits, more vegetables and drink 2-3 liters of water daily to supplement the water consumption in the body during fat burning process. If you can, please keep the right amount of exercise and keeping physically and mentally in relaxation mode. It would be a great help for your weight-loss program.

Why after taking Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse will feel a little thirsty?
Large amount of water are required for the process of fat metabolism and lipolysis. During lipolysis process (breakdown of lipids and involves the hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids), the heat generated will be excreted through the respiratory system and it consumes large amounts of water. Thirsty phenomenon is more obvious in initial during weight-loss program but it will gradually improve in latter period. Please drink plenty of water to increase the amount fatty acids to be excreted through sweating.

Will Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse cause nausea feeling?

Why after taking Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse makes me burp or fart? Is this normal?
It is good phenomenon after taking Aloe Plus Cleanse. Aloe Plus Cleanse assists body meridians to clear toxins, stasis gas and remove the exhaust gas from body. Burp or fart show smooth body phenomenon.

Is it safe to take Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse during menstruation?
Yes, it is safe to continue consume Aloe Plus Cleanse during menstruation. During menstruation, you will feel a certain degree of discomfort at lower abdomen due to pelvic congestion. It is recommended reducing Aloe Plus Cleanse intake. If discomfort does not exist, you can continue to consume Aloe Plus Cleanse.

Is it safe to take Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse during illness?
Please stop consuming Aloe Plus Cleanse during medication.
It is to avoid conflict of efficacy between medicine and Aloe Plus Cleanse.

Is it safe to take Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse with other weight loss products simultaneously?
No. Please do not consume Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse together with other weight-loss product.
It is to avoid conflict of efficacy between Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse and other weight-loss product.

Can Sos Konjac & Aloe Plus Cleanse helps to localize weight loss?
Yes, it can. Aloe Plus Cleanse is always helps to burn excess fat where you are not satisfied at your body until achieve a perfect equilibrium.

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